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The dark side of plant food

Before I get into details, which will undoubtably infuriate some, confuse others and bring out right denial in the rest of you, let me be clear, I am not saying ‘don’t eat your veggies’, I am simply trying to enlighten you to the fact that plant foods contain anti-nutrients which


Symptoms of

imbalance in your hormones

  • You’re suffering from PMS
  • You are suffering from painful menstruation
  • You suffer from headaches or migraines around menstruation
  • You suffer from impure skin, even acne
  • You suffer from redness, even rosacea
  • You lack energy
  • You suffer from mood swings
  • You are often in a bad mood and sad
  • You are suffering from hot flashes
  • You suffer with dryness everywhere
  • You suffer from dizziness when you get up too fast
  • Your libido is less than before
  • You are suffering from ‘witch hair’ on your face
  • Your fuse is shorter than before
  • You remember poorly
  • You are exposing more than before and have lost the desire for everything
  • You have taken on ‘without cause’
  • Your digestion has changed
  • A good night’s sleep is a thing of the past
  • You feel tired and unwell despite a good night’s sleep
  • You are worse at dealing with stress
  • You are suffering from high blood sugar
  • You are suffering from high blood pressure
  • You are suffering from high cholesterol
  • Your hair has become thinner
  • You freeze all the time
  • You’ve got a beer belly
  • You’ve got a muffin belly

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