Become a Functional Health & Hormone Therapist | 12 months online based course

OBS! Next course starts February 1. 2023

More and more people are looking for advice and guidance to regain hormone balance

They would like to know in reality which particular nutrients they need, such as vitamins, minerals, which hormones and other messaging molecules need balancing, and what they need to do to regain or establish a new balance. That knowledge and much you will be able to offer them on completing this course.

Is this education for you?

  • It’s for you who’s ready to take the first step in creating your new carrier
  • It’s for you who would like to understand and work with hormones, e.g. how they affect and are affected by other biochemical systems in the body, such as DNA, liver detox, methylation, inflammation and oxidative stress, etc.
  • It’s for you who would like to work with nutrition and supplementation
  • It’s for you who would like to optimise your own health now and, in the future
  • It’s for you who would like the tools to guide and inspire others to physical, mental and emotional health
  • It’s for you who would like to update your current health education.


 The course is built up around 12 modules, practical sessions, homework, monthly test and a final test.

Module 1 – 11 are online.

At the start of every module you will receive teaching material in the form of notes and PowerPoint with recorded teaching, enabling you to hear the material again and again, and live zoom teaching session.

With every module there will be live Q&A, and the module ends with a multiple-choice test.

Modul 12 – due to COVID19 information about the how’s and when’s of this module will follow. The module will include the presentation of a case.

Practical’s – closed community

  • Welcome zoom meeting
  • New material at the start of each module
  • Zoom-meeting every 14 days 
  • Multiple-choice test at the end of each module that must be passed to continue to the next module

12 modules

  1. Basic module – intro to health, cell anatomy, physiology, genetics and cell energy production ATP
  2. Basic module – the body’s foundational biochemical processes,
  3. Basic module – macro- and micro nutrients and the digestive system
  4. Basic module – the body’s communication and feedback systems
  5. Special module – personal hormone test
  6. Special module – Thyroid hormones
  7. Special module – Adrenal hormones
  8. Special module – Cortisol – stress and inflammation

.. continued

9. Special module – Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone through the fertile years

10. Special module – Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone, during peri-menopause, menopause and the golden years after

11. Special module – Insulin, Glucagon, Blood sugar, Weight, Diabetes and other connected disease states

12. Final module – presentation of a case from the start to finish, what you find and your suggested solutions for the problem(s)

NB! The basic modules can be used to take future educations, such as gut health, immune health, etc.

Functional Health & Hormone Therapist

Participate in my education program for a whole year.

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Functional Health & Hormone Therapist

Participate in my education program for a whole year.

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Functional Health & Hormone Therapist

Participate in my education program for a whole year.

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Euros 3.200

Payment plan

Euros 266 per month for 12 months.

One-time payment

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