About Sally

Sally, who lives in Lanzarote, is English, though she lived most of her adult life in Denmark and speaks fluent Danish.

You will find Sally at Club La Santa where she runs her ’Goodlife Office’.

Sally started her extensive career as a Chartered Society Physiotherapist, TCM (traditional chinese medicine) Acupuncturist and Dry Needling.

Throughout the last 25 years has studied Nutrition Medicine MSc. and Biochemistry and is a Certified Functional Hormone Therapist/Coach, and Holistic Skin Therapist with more than 30 years experience. In other words is a specialist in ’Everything you need to know to feel and look good’.

Sally has run her own business ‘The Goodlife’ since 1997 and works with hormone balance, physical, mental and emotional health, performance and beauty and is a Pro-Aging Expert.

Sally is wild about knowledge, loves to communicate and is well known for her ability to inform, motivate, inspire, even provoke in a language everyone understands – all naturally updated with the latest scientific data.

Sally gives regular talks about health and nutrition, hormones, body shape, fat burning and performance at Club La Santa, in Denmark and in the UK.


  • Chartered Society Physiotherapist with more than 35 years experience
  • Nutritional Mediciner
  • Acupuncturist
  • Functional Hormone Therapist
  • Hormone expert
  • Holistic Skin Therapist
  • DNA analyst
  • Certificeret Stress- og Life Coach.



  • Beauty Foods together with Laura Bonné from Amazing Space (in Danish)
  • The Goodlife Manual – keys to understand and relieve stress
  • The sweet life – sugar truths, misunderstandings and dependency
  • The little red book about health
  • Goodlife Nutrition.


To inform, inspire and support everyone across the bridge between ‘what we know and what we do’.


To give everyone the best ability to make the healthiest of choices.


‘Everything you need to know to feel and look good’.


Currently working with online consultations, groups, courses and educations that  increase physical, hormonal, mental and emotional health and wellness, combining the various tools to suit individual needs. I also give regular talks and workshops, which I produce myself or from company bookings in DK, UK and/or at Club La Santa.

Functional Hormone Therapist Education. DK & Lanzarote

The talk – Women Know Your Hormones various venues in DK, UK and at Club La Santa. The Goodlife Office at Club La Santa, Lanzarote

Cosmetic Acupuncture and Rejuvenation Techniques, DK

Goodlife Health Coach Educations, DK

Goodlife Stress Coach, Energy Production Coach and Nutritionist, Goodlife Mental Fitness Coach Educations, DK

Private Clinic (Team Goodlife) with a team of 10 therapists and the school for Goodlife courses in Frederiksberg, DK

Co-operation with Club La Santa

Company massage and physiotherapy services DK

Private clinic in Form & Fitness, SATS and Fitness DK, DK

Ran a government licenced Physiotherapy Clinic, Frederiksberg, DK

Upgrading the Spa at The Hotel Oriental, Hong Kong

Physiotherapist for The Danish Tennis Team, DK

Ran a government licenced Physiotherapy Clinic, Lystrup, DK

Ran an international business with my ex-husband, DK

Physiotherapist at BST Herning, and courses in ergonomics, DK

Physiotherapist Sønderborg Hospital, Rigshospital, and Ribe Hospital, DK

Physiotherapist Worcester Royal Infirmary, UK

Educations, exams and diplomas

BSc. Nutritional Medicine UK

Cosmetic Acupuncture, UK/DK

MentalFitness and Stress Coach, UK/USA

Dry needling/acupuncture, UK/ES

Chek Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, UK/USA/DK

Chek Exercise Coach and Personal Trainer, DK

Metabolic Typing Advisor, UK/USA

Fitness Instructor, DK

Functional Biochemistry, Neurology, Endocrinology, Nutrition – The Omega Institute, UK

Applied Kinesiology – The Omega Institute, UK

Manual Therapy Level 1, 2 and 3, DK

10th grade Danish and psychology, DK

9th grade Danish, DK

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Withington Hospital School of Physiotherapy, UK

School, UK

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