The Goodlife Office

The Goodlife Office offers a holistic service to increase your physical, mental and emotional health. Sally offers the following services to all Club La Santa guests. 2-hours hormone-, food- and health profile.

2-hours hormone-, food- and health profile

  • A comprehensive view of your hormone balance based on an extensive questionnaire and any recent blood work or other test from your doctor. Based on this information we will create an action plan which will include diet, supplementation, lifestyle habits and routines such as sleep, training and mental strategies plus 3 months consequent email support included in the price.


  • 60 minutes Sports Physiotherapy and Acupuncture
  • 60 minutes Cosmetic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

Weekly talk

  • Healthy aging



  • Body shape for men and women – weight, fat%, muscle mass, bone mass and tips to improve your “body shape”. Duration: 90 minutes
  • Women Know Your Hormones – hormone balance after 40.
    Duration: 120 minutes
  • Men Know Your Hormones – maintain strength and performance after 45. Duration: 90 minutes

Club La Santa and Sally Walker combine forces and focus everything you need to know and do for a 'good life'.

Because we are all unique, our goals and needs for a ‘goodlife’ are also different and individual. At Club La Santa everything is possible and you can work with Sally Walker on an individual basis or participate in one of the group sessions.

Sally Walker will give you valuable and individual advice about how you can achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health. In other words : The goodlife.

Club La Santa is a playground with more than 30 different sports to choose from for active people of all ages!

Many of the daily activities are free of charge, but you also just relax under the warm Lanzarote sun at our extensive pool area, or spoil yourself at our Wellness Spa.

In the evenings there is an entertainment program and a selection of family restaurants.

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