Trade conditions

Products and services offered by:
X7036528T – Sally Walker, Lanzarote.
Prices are in Euros unless otherwise stated.

Prices and payment conditions

All prices are incl. VAT unless otherwise stated. All consultations, tests, courses, etc. are paid prior to their commencement unless otherwise stated.

Personal information

I do not pass on my clients personal information unless there is a written agreement to the this.  I am bound by the same confidentiality rules as all health professionals.

Usage agreement

The purchased products may only be used by you personally and may not be transferred to another person. Any form of transfer of my guidance, instruction, material and products is not allowed. It is neither allowed for you or a third party to try to get around these precautionary measures. If you wish to quote any of the material you have received you must use the correct academic rules and regulations. As a client it is your responsibility that the received material is not passed on to any third party.

Purchased online-products may not be distributed in any way. All online-products are covered by copyright rules and regulations, i.e that of the written, layout, produced and distributed products by Sally Walker. You are welcome to personally use the online-products, i.e. you may listen to them privately, print instructions and lists, etc., and e-books, but you may not freely or upon receiving payment share, copy, lend, publish, sell or in any other way pass on Sally Walkers online-products. If you wish to use Sally Walkers online-products as education material you must obtain written permission.

Reservations and disclaimers

Sally Walker reserves the right against possible price and text errors, technical errors, tax changes, products out of stock and force majeure, including flaws with or delays in delivery from subcontractors/suppliers and industrial disputes. Furthermore Sally Walker reserves the right to cancel due to sickness or other sudden events which require cancellation. Moreover Sally Walker reserves the right for the clients lack of understanding for and use of the material and instructions after the end of the course.


Right of withdrawal with digitally delivered goods and services lapses on confirmation of payment as the product is now perceived as taken in use and therefore can not be returned.


Your purchase applies solely for you to attend the talk in question. The purchase can likewise not be transferred to another date or time. On purchase your name and e-mail is registered and will suffice as your ticket.


Sally Walker’s diet, supplements and hormone advice and instruction can not replace professional medical diagnosis, advice and treatment, but can be seen as a supplement and help for you. Please be aware that I recommend and instruct in the use of bioidentical hormones – I cannot prescribe as I am not a medical doctor.

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