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Here you will find my books and e-books. I continually write new e-books so keep an eye on this page!

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The purpose with my Little Red Book is to give a quick and easy overview of the mechanisms that keep us healthy, slim and beautiful, and how to look after your body every day.

This book is in Danish.

An important part of beauty and glow is dependent upon what you eat and drink and it’s no easy feat trying to establish what is best for you.

In reality you can without enormous effort ensure your body’s basic needs for nutritional foods rich in vitamins, oils, minerals, and antioxidants, that enable you to feel and look healthy and well groomed.

The book presents 100 specially chosen foods, which you can easily add to your daily meals and take advantage of their health and beauty effects. 

Know your immune defense
- Your guide to optimal immune
health all through life

This book gives you a comprehensive view of how your immune system works and concrete advice in how to keep it strong.

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