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Did you know …

  • Not as simple as eat less, move more
  • Powerful hormones are at play dictating whether you store or burn fat or whether you build or breakdown muscle
  • Fat storage and fat burning are strictly regulated by certain hormones in the body.
  • Know this – you will NEVER burn fat if the fat storing hormone Insulin is at work
  • BTW – we lose approx. 50% or more of our fat burning hormones by the time we are 50 and they keep on decreasing as we age
  • Nobody wants to lose weight we ONLY want to burn fat
  • Weight loss refers to a decrease in your overall body weight from muscle, water, and fat losses.
  • Fat loss refers to weight loss from fat, which is a more specific and healthful goal than weight loss
  • Muscle is heavier than fat, so when gaining muscle you may also gain weight.
  • However, your body shape will change and you will look slimmer, leaner, stronger than before and your metabolism will get a kick
  • Fat burning exercise zones are a myth invented by the fitness industry
  • We burn most fat when resting/sleeping – as much as 85% of calories burned are fat
  • When you focus on fat burning rather than weight loss you
  • decrease the risk of several chronic diseases
  • help reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss
  • reduce fat regain
  • It is important to monitor whether you’re losing weight from fat or muscle
  • One way is to measure body fat percentage rather than weight
  • 25-28% – is optimal for women
  • 12-15% – is optimal for men
  • Another way could be waist circumference
  • Under 80cm / 31.3 ins – is optimal for women
  • Under 94cm / 37 inches – is optimal for men
  • Referring to weight loss as fat burning makes weight loss programs simple and sustainable
  • Sustainable is a very important word as yoyo weight is unhealthy on many levels, especially for the Thyroid gland and metabolism
  • Nobody should go on a diet – the word diet gives the impression of a short term fix
  • BTW – don’t cut calories
  • If your new diet means you’re eating less calories your body interprets this as poor food availability and will slow down metabolism accordingly.
  • A slower metabolism means you burn fewer calories, which means less weight loss
  • Consider this – most people think the way to weight loss is cutting calories
  • Consider this – if the low calorie philosophy worked most people would have a perfect weight and body shape
  • Whichever program you chose make sure you are persistent, make it your new lifestyle.

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