Goodlife Test

This test will visualize the areas in your life in which you need to make changes and the habits which among other things are responsible for your present symptoms. 

Answer each question as accurately and honestly as possible, choosing the response that best fits you at this moment of time.

There is no right or wrong answer, only ‘your’ answer. Try not to answer what you think you should answer.

Your Goodlife Wheel

Print the wheel to the right. Look at the wheel and observe that it is divided into 10 sections. These sections represent the groups of questions of the Goodlife Test. The questions refer to the  different aspects of your body and life, such as sleep and rest, muscular skeletal system, exercise and recreation, immune system, food type, digestive system, bio-chemistry, emotional state, cognitive ability and focus, etc. 

How to do it

The middle of the circle corresponds to ‘0’and the outer ring to ‘12’. Colour the areas representing your score in each section.

  • If you answer never or rarely, or no, give yourself 3 points
  • If you answer occasionally, give yourself  2 points
  • If you answer often, give yourself 1 point
  • If you answer frequently, always or yes, give yourself 0 points

How does your wheel look?

Group A

  • How often do you get less than 8 hours of sleep?

  • How often to you get to bed after 22.30?

  • How often do you work in the evenings and at weekends?

  • How often do you skip coffee and lunch(breaks)? 

Group B

  • How often do you experience pain or tension in your neck, shoulders or jaw

  • How often do you wake feeling tired or not up for the day?

  • How often do you have night sweats?

  • Is your sex drive noticeably less than normal?

Group C

  • Does your exercise program consist of mostly cardio vascular exercises, such as biking or running? (Not exercising gives 0 points)

  • When you exercise, how often do you exercise for more than 30 minutes at one time? (Not exercising gives 0 points)

  • Do you often skip relaxation?

  • How often is your time outside less than 40 minutes in a day?

Group D

  • Do you suffer from allergies and intolerances?

  • How often are your eyes swollen or puffy when you awake?

  • How often do get coughs, colds and infections?

  • Do you have more spots and unclean skin than usual?

Group E

  • How often do you skip breakfast or other meals?

  • How often do you crave simple sugars and carbohydrates (colas, sweets, breads and cakes, etc?)

  • How often do you eat/drink “light” products (incl. chewing gum)?

  • How often do you need coffee and/or other stimulants such as cola and coffee as a “pick me up” or to stress down?

Group F

  • How often do you have problems with indigestion and heartburn?

  • How often do you have problems with gas or a bloated tummy?

  • How often do you go 2 – 3 days without a bowel movement?

  • How often do you have diarrhoea?

Group G

  • How often do you focus on what you don’t want or don’t like?

  • How often do you focus on the negative sides of those around you, such as your family, colleagues, friends, etc.?                        

  • Are you stuck with negative feelings such as anger, disappointment, revenge, etc.?                                                                                  

  • How often do you have negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities? 

Group H

  • Is your memory worse than normal?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties with your concentration?

  • Are you often in a bad mood and frequently hear that you should put a smile on your face?

  • How often do you feel anxious and/or nervous?

Group I

  • How often is there not enough time for both family and work?

  • How often do you have problems on the home front?

  • Do you often not look forward to your working day?

  • Are your finances in a mess? 

Group J

  • How often do you get dizzy or light headed when rising rapidly from kneeling or lying?
  • Do you feel puffy and swollen all over the body?
  • Do you often have a feeling of general poor health?
  • Do your cuts and bruises often heal slowly? 

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