It’s all about hormones

- and neurotransmitters

I believe that knowledge and understanding are 2 of the most important ingredients when we’re talking about change.

If you are one of the many that has weight or health issues then an increased knowledge regarding how the body functions is the logical place to start.

Hormones and neurotransmitters are the body’s software, and the body’s function and form is the result of the messages it receives from its software.

How your body looks and functions is a direct result of the hormones and neurotransmitters at work

We can compare the body with a computer – the most prestigious – and just like your computer the body has different programs.

Think about your computer and consider the following scenario:

You are working on your computer in word program, writing perhaps a document – suddenly you want to check your e-mails – what do you do?

Dah! – You naturally open your e-mail program, maybe Outlook, Google mail, or something similar.

I repeat: you change programs, so your computer isn’t any longer controlled by word program.

The body functions in the same way.

The body has among others, programs that store fat, breakdown the body’s own protein (muscle tissue etc.), increase your need for sugar and programs for the opposite. I.e. programs that burn fat, build proteins, etc.

While the body is being controlled by fat storing programs, it is biochemically impossible to burn it

Each program contains different hormones.

In general the body has hormones that breakdown molecules into smaller parts to release energy. This is a catabolic process. Then there are hormones that build molecules from the smaller parts. This is an anabolic process.

The sum of catabolism and anabolism is called metabolism i.e. how much the body builds and breaks down.  The hormones produced by the thyroid gland control the speed of metabolism, “metabolic rate”.

As long as there is a balance in how much we breakdown and how much we build there is optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

Here is an overview of the hormones that breakdown – the so-called catabolic hormones:

  • Cortisol (long-term anti-stress hormone) – breaks down protein
  • Glucagon – breaks down liver glycogen (complex sugar chain)
  • Adrenalin (short-term anti-stress hormone) – assists in glucose and fat burning (by increasing their release)

All of the above are involved in creating extra energy when the extra need is required – fx in stressful situations

Here is an overview of the hormones that build – the so-called anabolic hormones:

  • Insulin – stores glucose, fat and amino acids in cells
  • Human Growth Hormone – increases muscle and bone formation (but increases fat burning)
  • DHEA – increases bone formation
  • Testosterone – increases muscle building
  • Estrogen – increases fat storage
  • Progesterone – increases elastin formation (connective tissue)

All the above are involved in the storage and building of nutrients, such as fat, sugar and amino acids.

From the hand of nature the dag is divided into times where the body is programmed to either breakdown or build. When these times are not respected and we breakdown when we should be building imbalance is created with sickness and excess weight a close follower.

On the whole we are programmed to breakdown during the day – from approx. 6 am – 6 pm and most building takes place during the evening and night from approx. 6 pm – 6 am.

It is while we rest we digest, heal and repair (and burn fat)

Optimal health and a beautiful body are only possible when we respect the fact that we are a product of our hormones and live by theirs and nature’s rules.

Energy production is the key, though it’s not as simple as calories in and calories out (see my article on calories).

An increase need for energy, regardless why is registered by the body as a stress. The body has to do more than normal – how do you feel when you have to do more than normal?

The need for extra energy turns on the anti-stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which create the extra energy.

Short-term increased production of anti-stress hormones is healthy – they make sure you get it done. But long-term increased production of anti-stress hormones, regardless why, is destructive for the body and turns on your “survival package”, which among other things contains the fat storing programs, breakdown proteins and increase your need for sugar and other stimulants.

And remember that as long as, your body is controlled by catabolic hormones it is biochemically impossible the build the body and burn fat.

The level of anti-stress and survival hormone cortisol, decides if we are catabolic or anabolic

Find the areas in your lifestyle that increase your need for energy – if you need help you can take the Goodlife Test on my website or contact me directly.

Just as with your computer it’s YOU that turns the programs off and on and thereby the hormones. It’s YOU that hits the keys on your life’s keyboard via the way you think, feel, eat, rest and move. The hormones are just doing their job.

If you would like to know more about, even work with hormones and neurotransmitters then check my Goodlife Courses.  

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