Goodlife Food, Health & Hormone Consultant

The Ultimate Hormone Therapist Course

A functional course, you are ready to offer food, health & hormone consultations the day after finishing this course.

More and more people demand advice to rebalance their biochemistry. They want to know which nutrients and molecules they actually are deficient in, such as hormones, neurotransmitters vitamins, minerals, etc. and what they need to do to re-establish balance. That knowledge you will be able to offer them. 

The course premise is to give you a comprehensive, logical and functional understanding of how the body functions.  

As your learn about the body’s health and possibilities of healing its self you will be working with your own health situation. In this way you can be the best role model for your clients, friend and family.

The course is for:

You that wants the tools to guide and inspire others to physical, hormonal, mental and emotional health. Maybe you have am authorised or alternative education or maybe this is your first step to create a new career.

You that wants a to understand and work with the body’s biochemistry, such as DNA, hormones, liver detoxification, methylation, inflammation, oxidative stress. Imbalnces in these biochemical processors are the root cause of most symptoms and disease – ”you will never be healthier than your biochemistry”.  

You that wants to work with stress in an holistic fashion.

You that wants to work people with weight problems

You that wants to optimize your own hrealth now and i the future.


The course is based on you being able to carry out health and wellness consultations, giving advice and guidance based on tests and tools such as DNA, blood, urine and saliva testing, various questionnaires, body measurements, etc. All leading to you building together with your client an action plan, which will include advice about diet, vitamin, mineral, hormone supplementation, possible extra necessary testing, various lifestyle advice regarding stress, sleep, training, etc.

After completeing the course you can offer the following:

  • Identify of imbalances causing health problems.
  • Create diet and lifestyle programs
  • Weight loss guidance
  • Help clients obtain more energy every day
  • Help those with the various gut problems.
  • Help those with mental, emotional and hormonal problems, such as mood svings, poor concentration, memory and focus, menopausal imbalances, etc.
  • Help guide and coach clients with stress
  • Be a locum/substitute for me at Club La Santa

In short you will be:

  • Hormone Therapist
  • Nutrition Expert
  • Stress Coach
  • Health Coach and Mentor

As a Goodlife Food, Health & Hormone Consultant you can be self-employed, get contracts with companies that set focus on their employees health and stress reduction. Promote health and hormone balance in the form of talks, articles, books, etc. Be affiliated with a sports club, fitness center, etc.

Because of the holistic approach a Goodlife Food and Health Consultant course can easily compliment your existing health education or be your main education.

It is very common today that professional massage therapist, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, fitness instructors, personal trainers, etc. also have comprehensive knowledge related to nutrition, lifestyle, etc. This is even expected by potential clients.


This is a very intensive 14 days course held at Club La Santa, Lanzarote

The course is built up around 3 modules, practical sessions, homework, and tests after each module and a final exam.

The course is suitable for small groups, of 6-10 people this increases learning capacities, dialogs and training.

The course manual is sent electronically, together with the presentation slides for each modul

After each modul you will receive a questionnaire to be completed by start of the next modul where the answers will be rewieved and checked, so you can keep up with your understanding and progress. Likewise client consultation techniques will be practised regularly.

All teaching is undertaken by Sally Walker.

Necessary qualifications for Goodlife Food, Health & Hormone Consultant are: 

  • You can read and write English
  • You have an interest in your own/others health
  • You would like to learn how food affects the body’s biochemical processes and in that way physical, mental and emotional energy
  • It is not necessary to have a prior understanding about biochemistry

General conditions

Register with Sally Walker. When you have received a written confirmation the agreement is binding for the whole of the course. When you have paid the deposit or the full amount this is not refundable.

Further information and registering

Contact Sally Walker about prices and dates - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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