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Did you know that diet, stress, health, virility, and beauty are interconnected, and this means that when you work one of the areas you will see results in all of them.?

Biochemically the human body is pretty much the same as an ape. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any big changes on the biochemical front the last many millions of years. The human body is programmed to put on weight and keep it … any price?

Your body is still programmed to survive the threats of the day, even though today’s threats are very different from those our ancestors faced, yet biochemically the reaction is the same.

When your body feels “threatened” or in some way needs an increase in energy in plugs in to its strong genetic forces which have programmed your body to produce more of the hormones that make you eat more, store fat, increase oxidative stress which amongst other things decrease your cells energy production. Result weight gain, tiredness, breakdown, wrinkles and much more.

You can only achieve good results by working together with these strong genetic forces and the resulting hormone production not against them. 

At Sally Walker’s office you won’t find a slimming diet, but you will find the key to controlling these forces and hormones thus encouraging the biochemistry that controls your appetite and metabolism. You will learn to live in such a way that you eventually will reach and maintain your perfect weight and health. 

You will come to understand which of your lifestyle habits and choices are the cause of your present results, which hormones have to be balanced and which changes are necessary for this to happen

Consult includes – interpretation of an extensive questionnaire which visualises your habits, symptoms, hormonal state, etc., together which any blood tests or other relevant test results leading to a personal action plan. Together we will look the necessary changes in diet, exercise, sleep patterns, etc., and the need for any supplementation, hormonal or otherwise.

The goal for most is to balance the hormones insulin and cortisol, these hormones are controlling and easily imbalance other hormones.

Women before menopause often need help to balance estrogen and progesterone, often together with Thyroid.

Men often need help to balance testosterone and cortisol/estrogen.

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