About Sally Walker

Originally from the UK and lived in Denmark for more than 30 years.

Started my extensive carrier as a physiotherapist, at Withington Hospital, Manchester.

Subsequently expanded my expertise in the fields of nutrition, training, acupuncture, kinesiology, natural medicine, psychology, mental and emotional health and coaching in the UK, US and DK. Today I specialize in Holistic Stress (Goodlife) Coaching.

I have been self-employed since 1987 and since 1997 run my own clinic and business, ”Team Goodlife”, working with physical, mental and emotional health and beauty, on a one to one basis and in groups.

”I am wild about knowledge and my deepest passion is communication”. I am well known for my ability to motivate, inform even provoke in a language everyone can understand and all my material is of course updated with the latest scientific information and data.

I often hold talks and workshops about nutrition, anti-aging, personal development, stress and mindset, in DK, UK and Club La Santa, Lanzarote where I several times a year run ’Goodlife’ weeks.

I also educate others in nutrition, energy production, cosmetic acupuncture and much more.             

I have written several books such as; ”The Goodlife Manual – keys to understand and relieve stress”, “Goodlife Nutrition”, ”Livet er Sødt – sukker sandheder, misforståelse og afhængighed” og ”Den Lille Røde Bog om Sundhed” (coming in English soon)  

MY VISION is to inform, inspire, and support people bridge the “knowing doing gap”.

MY GOAL is to give everyone the best possibilities to make the healthiest choices.

MY MOTTO is ’Everything you need to know to feel good’

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