The Goodlife Office

"The Goodlife Office" offers a holistic service enhancing your overall physical, hormonal, mental and emotional health.

Sally Walker is a Chartered Society Physiotherapist with over 35 years’ experience, studied and practices nutritional medicine, acupuncture, hormone expert, DNA analysis, and certified stress and life coach.

Sally offers the following services for Club La Santa guests:


All consultations include an action plan with advice and guidance related to diet, necessary supplementation, including hormone supplementation, need for further testing, exercise type and level, sleep tools, etc.

All consultations are individual and based on YOUR goals, YOUR needs are addressed during your time with Sally.

  • 30 minute BodyAge Profile: based on your weight, fat %, muscle mass, bone mass and your lifestyle
  • 2 hour Food Health & Hormone Profile, based on an extensive questionnaire which will illuminate your habits, symptoms, hormone balance, mental health, exercise, sleep patterns and quality, and your BodyAge profile
  • DNA Profiles: Health, Sport and Diet (contact Sally for more information)


  • 60 minutes Sports Physiotherapy and Acupuncture
  • 60 minutes Cosmetic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture


  • 90 minute open talk: Food, Health & Hormones


  • 60 minutes BodyAge Workshop – measuring weight, fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, etc and tips to improve your numbers.
  • 90 minutes Woman Know Your Hormones – hormone balance from puberty to menopause and there after, tips and test to balance.

Education cosmetic acupuncture

Educate yourself to work with beauty both inside and out in a natural way.


Educate yourself to inspire others to physical and mental health.

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Know-How-Tank Tips & Tricks

Read exciting articles, tips, books, or test yourself in the info tank.

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