Yes, you read correctly

In general men produce the same hormones as women – but related to the sex hormones men produce more Testosterone and less Estrogen.

In addition, they also produce Cortisol, Insulin, Progesterone, Thyroid, Growth hormone, etc., all of which are affected by aging and especially by lifestyle.

Testicles retirement age

Just like women, men reach a point in their lives where the major production of the sex hormone Testosterone stops. I call this time ’testi-pause’ – the point in life when testicles retire.

Testicle retirement is usually around the age of 60, but the decline in Testosterone production starts already around the age of 30.

Unlike women’s menopause the decline in Testosterone is gradual and steady and many men are not so aware of the physical and mental changes that are taking place due to the drop in Testosterone. They are neither aware that they can actually do things so they age slower and maintain their masculinity.

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