Difficulties getting pregnant?

30-40 years ago, avoiding getting pregnant was the biggest issue. Today, for many it is quite the opposite.

There can be many reasons for the lack of conception. It is therefore important to exclude as many of the causes as possible thus focusing your efforts on finding your particular cause and then doing something about it.


Possible causes

  • Genetic defects – difficult to rectify
  • Structural problems in the ovaries, uterus, etc. Can possibly be rectified by a good surgical gynaecologist 
  • Long-term use of contraception, especially mini-pills. The body needs to re-take control of its hormone production, which can take time or need ‘persuading’

Læs mere i min e-bog Kvinder kend dine hormoner – PCOS, Barnløshed og akne.

  • A lower fat percentage (under 19) – is often the result of today’s vision of the ‘perfect’ female shape
  • Hormone imbalances, such as too high Testosterone, too low Progesterone, too low or too high Estradiol – which create an array of problems, such as anovulation (no ovulation), PCOS, spontaneous abortion, Endometriosis, etc. often the result of today’s habits and environment and therefore often can be rectified.
  • Women over 40. Seen from natures point of view women over 40 are ’too old’ to complete a pregnancy and the body therefore does everything it can to prevent this from happening
  • Poor sperm quality
  • Xeno hormones in foods, creams etc., can play an important roll
  • Exposure to chemicals in general – do everything you can to reduce your exposure.

Læs mere i min e-bog Kvinder kend dine hormoner – PCOS, Barnløshed og akne.

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