Are you one of the many women concerned about taking HRT?

I often hear women say ‘I don’t want to take hormones as I am afraid of breast cancer or I’m afraid of putting on weight’, are you one of these women? Knowledge is power and every woman should increase their knowledge about hormones and what they know about that life changing time called peri-menopause/menopause. Only […]


Cellulite is characterised by several small bumps or a cottage cheese / orange peel appearance in the skin, which is primarily found on the hips, buttocks and back of thighs, though can appear other places on the body and is mostly seen in women. Fat cells and connective tissue are organised differently in women than […]

Fast your way to healthy, beautiful aging

When you think about all the different ways you can support healthy beautiful aging have you ever considered that putting down your fork could possibly be the best, cheapest and easiest way? Putting down your fork is very ’in’ at the moment and has many different names, such as intermittent fasting, eating windows, fasting mimicking […]