The Pro’s and Con’s of supporting/replacing Estrogen during perimenopause and after menopause

Should I use Estrogen, should I not use Estrogen? Is an area of great focus for most women as menopause rings the doorbell.

Although not all women suffer with many symptoms in their peri-menopause times, but it is every women that will end with approx. 70% less Estrogen production when the Ovaries finally retire typically around the age of 50.

How many symptoms women will have in the golden years after will also vary, but no one goes free.

The big question is should we replace Estrogen or not?

This question I have answered in more depth in my ebook ………

But here’s a quick overview.

First the latest statistics regarding the use of hormones and breast cancer – read the whole rapport here.

The summary

Estrogen used together with a Progestagen (progesterone or progestin) gives a 1 out of 50 / 2% increased risk of breast cancer. 

Estrogen alone gives a 1 out of 200 / 0.5% increased risk of breast cancer.

To put that in perspective:

Drinking 2 or more alcoholic drinks a day will increase your risk with 6%

Smoking increase your risk with 6%

Overweight / obese will increase your risk with 9%

The Con’s

  • For some an increased risk of breast cancer
  • For some an increased risk for blood clots
  • For some an increased risk for uterine cancer.

All the above are dependent upon/affected by several factors, such as the type of Estrogen, the form of Estrogen, the amount of Estrogen, entrance to the body, combined with a Progestagen or not, general level of health, family disease history, etc.

The Pro’s (for all women)

  • Less risk for osteoporosis
  • Less risk for colon cancer
  • Less risk for bladder and vaginal infections
  • Less risk for vaginal dryness
  • Less risk for dry, weak skin
  • Less risk for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Less tummy fat
  • More libido
  • More mental and emotional energy
  • Less brain fog
  • Less risk for dementia and Alzheimers
  • Reduce/remove peri-menopausal symptoms
  • Less risk for heart problems

But the decision is yours.

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